June 19, 2009

Pasta and Pie

I'm aliiiiiive
And I have pasta

And berry pie

This is what happens when you can't ever find your camera while you're cooking, and you're too busy making it up as you go along to take photos anyway.

I did manage one "before" shot of the pie:

Made the pie by the seat of my pants. It was also my first attempt at a lattice-top. Kind of fun! No recipe for filling or pastry, just kind of went by feel. The crust probably suffered a bit from this (not super awesomely flaky), but at the end of the day it was still pie and we ate the shit out of it.

The pasta was a bit of a step outside my comfort zone when it comes to quick weeknight meals--it uses absorption cooking methods and the final sauce contains a novel ingredient: plain yogurt. Also pictured: pieces of Italian sausage, parsley from the container garden, thin-sliced lemon rounds, green peas, herbs de provence.

By the way--these photos? Like, a month old. Better late than never?