December 23, 2008

BOOSH de Noel

So many eggs went into this. I think I knocked our egg inventory down by a dozen or so.

Parchment paper is my friend, and it should be your friend, too, if you ever attempt something this crazy. Also, I have beaten egg whites and folded them into other things so many times now that it no longer fazes me.

Meringues are so fun. I just piped these with a giant ziploc freezer bag with a corner cut off.

Coffee buttercream. This was the first time I'd done a classic buttercream frosting (egg whites heated with sugar, then whisked and butter beaten in one tablespoon at a time), and OH MY GOD THERE WAS SO MUCH BUTTER.

I rolled the cake last night, wrapped and stashed it in the fridge, then finished decorating today. The perfectionist/OCD part of me loooooves pastry work.

Topping is dark chocolate ganache. I must admit, the two main things that compelled me to make this cake were 1. cute meringue mushrooms, and 2. coffee filling.

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