January 28, 2009

Challah part 2: breakfast for dinner

Okay so here's what we did to one of the challahs.  The other was savagely ripped apart while we were waiting for the final season of Lost to start.

We sliced our remaining challah loaf into thick 1-1.5" pieces and violated them like so:
Cutting a pocket

Stuffed with mascarpone + honey (used ghetto ziploc bag with corner cut off piping method)
Soaked in french toast custard (eggs + half&half) and put on new-to-us griddle pan.

While Emily took over the griddling, I prepped bananas foster:
Melting butter into cream and sugar, because y'know...it needed more fat.
Sadly there were no good pictures of me setting it on fire, but know this:  I mixed about a tablespoon of Everclear (the dregs from limoncello-making adventure) with some rum to make damn sure it caught.  Oh, such glorious flames.

Bow down before your god!
That sucker was $16 at Costco.  They got some alcohols for scary cheap.

There was bacon also

but not for long.

The mascarpone sort of melted into the bread, making it kind of bread-puddingy in the middle which was nice.  Next time (next time?) we will make the pockets in fresh pliable challah instead of semi-stale crumbly challah, and maybe also soak the bread longer in the custard.
We still have half a tub of mascarpone leftover.

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