February 19, 2009

Making up dinner

Dinner tonight was kind of on the fly: there was a request for the use of shrimp and I do have a giant bag of rice that needs to be somewhat used up. This is the thought process once I get home:

Do dishes. Find cutting board. Ooh bacon grease in the fridge. Throw into pan. cut up and onion and some garlic and fry up. Meanwhile go wash rice and throw that into the pan too and let it fry a little. Um. Shit. is this going to be asiany or... not. UHHHH. LEMON PEPPER? paprika? dried chives? ... OH. I HAVE SHERRY VINEGAR. UHHHH. *toss* *saffron* *shrimp* lemon goes with... big pile of spinach!

Et voila, makeshift paella that I didn't know existed yet.

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