March 17, 2009

St Patrick's Day

Yeah that guy. Sweet. I am the opposite of Irish but you know what. An excuse for this

Makes me happy.

Ok. SO. On Saturday we bought a giant piece of beef and parcelled it into three chunks and marinated it in a solution of sugar salt and random pickling spices that I think are cloves allspice cinnamon and mustard and stuff. I guess you can nitrate it. but. yes

to this three days later

And one got braised in

and one got baked

It is dotted with cloves and has dijon mustard spread on it and then covered in brown sugar. The whole mess is bundled up in foil and baked at 350 for a couple of hour. and then uncovered and broiled until the sugar bubbles up.

And to go with the corned beef is colcannon! Which is my favoritest thing to eat. Because it's um. Mashed potatoes. With bacon and sauteed cabbage. all mixed together. it's what irish second graders eat. oh and a stick of butter. that usually helps.


Cabbage cooked with bacon and a little salt!

And then you take potatoes

And you mash them and you put the bacon and the cabbage in them and get this mushy stuff that's awesome

And now I am tired and blowing a .05 so it's time to sleep I think. Carbomb cupcakes from Steph later. OH OM NOM

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