January 31, 2009

Catching up - Spatchcock edition

We spatchcocked a chicken a few days ago. Spatchcocked it good.

Spatchcock: short for "dispatching the cock" is an old technique for quickly cooking a chicken by forcing it to be as flat as possible. Steph says it was used by hunters in the field because it cooks faster so you didn't have to keep the fires going so long. Lets you cook a chicken in about 20 minutes if you do it right. Also requires a pan and not an oven.

Cut lengthwise through the backbone of a chicken; butterflying it. Steph coated this one in salt for three days and stuffed it with preserved limes before it was laid open.

So. First we took the dutch oven and heated it up in the oven at 425. And threw the butterflied chicken in the hot pan. And proceeded to wicked witch of the west the offending fowl.

And since we're insane, there's sweet potatoes and sage and olive oil inside the dutch oven.

Flip after about ten minutes. and squish it again.


The overly long salt rub and cooking the chicken from both sides really quickly resulted in a very very juicy chicken. (The three day salt cure was basically because um. We kept meaning to eat the chicken but got very distracted.)


  1. http://blog.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/01/superfoods.html

  2. It looks a bit like a crab in that last picture.