February 5, 2009

Carrot soup

It turns out I am a squirrel when it comes to produce, because I've managed to stockpile 3 bags of carrots, in various stages of consumption. My subconscious is very concerned about maintaining adequate carrot reserves.

What to do with a glut of carrots? Puree them into soup!

One onion, some chicken stock, an errant yam, some half and half, and a bit too much curry powder also made it into the soup. The pine nuts make for tasty garnish.

While I waited for the soup to cook, I made fennel oil following the suggestion of that book that tells us what to do. I pulsed the everloving fuck out of fennel seeds in my food processor, then stuck em in a jar with olive oil.

The fennel oil views you with indifference.

I am supposed to let the oil infuse for a week or so, then filter and bottle and probably use in salad dressing or on pork. If the fennel-seed paste has any remaining flavor, I may make a facsimile of Italian sausage.

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