February 8, 2009

Those Curry Horns

My pictures of the making of are miserable - so you just get the baking phase.


pound of beef
large onion chopped up
few cloves of garlic
cubed and boiled potatoes
peas - if you like them
tablespoon of garam masala
tablespoon or so of curry powder
teaspoon of Sriracha (My spices are a bit old and needed some zing)

Brown the beef. Drain a little, but it won't hurt to have extra fat in this to bind it as it cools (gross, i know). Add the onions and let them cook for about five minutes before you throw in the garlic. toss in the spices - the whole mess should take on a yellow tinge.

Meanwhile, you are boiling cubed potatoes until just soft and rounded around the edges.

We threw the beef mixture and the drained potatoes into the kitchenaid and beat it for a while on the paddle attachment until it was mushy then added the peas and threw it in the fridge to cool.

crust! (from here but we can't leave anything alone.
2 cups of pastry flour
2/3rds cup of a fat (we used butter. until the second batch. then we used my reserve of bacon fat. i'm. that person)
1 egg
a few tablespoons of cold water (or buttermilk if you're us and have buttermilk)

blend the pastry flour and the fat until it looks like rough breadcrumbs. Then add the egg and slowly add the cold liquid while mixing until the mess just holds together in a ball when pressure is applied. PIE CRUST RULES. wrap the ball in plastic wrap or whatever and fridge for an hour while watching battlestar galactica.

Steph rolled out the dough to what, 1/8th inch thickness? And then cut circles about six inches across or whatever the diameter of the bottom of my food processor bowl is.

and then insert wrap and fold! (per wrapping instructions of Joy.

Eggwash and Tadah!

Baked these at 400 for 20 minutes


They keep well in the fridge, can be eaten cold or nuked in the microwave. Very tasty little snacks. Hell, you can put anything in the little pocket and make pasties or hot pocket type snacks. But we almost never have leftover dough.

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