March 8, 2009

Parsley root

The result of some gardening:

Parsley root is supposed to have a nutty flavor, like a parsnip/carrot/celery.  I took a cue from iheartkale tried their recipe for parsley root potage, but in miniature because my parsley roots are barely finger-sized.  Also, I didn't so much try their recipe as just mess around in the spirit of the recipe, because I hate following directions.

I started with a knob of butter and some garlic:

The purest form of love.

Mise en place looks fancier from above.

Parsley roots, chopped...

...and thrown in the pot.

I tasted a bit of parsley root.  Indeed, it tasted like something between a parsnip, a carrot, and celery.

I tasted a bit of the garlic.  It was garlicky.

I would eat a whole bowl of this.

I poured some chicken stock in the pot to cover the solids,

And while that was simmering I turned my attention to the parsley greens.

Picking the leaves off the stems is boring.

Rough chopped:

And plopped in the soup.

I must pause now to thank Dan for rearranging our small kitchen so that the blender is set up in the kitchen and not on the dining table like it was before.  I am gonna blend SO MUCH MORE STUFF now that I don't have to walk an extra 8 steps to the blender.


I threw some cornstarch in the blender to thicken the soup.  Just 1/2 a teaspoon or so, since this was essentially a single-serving preparation.

So very green.

How'd it taste?

Green, nutty, sweet, earthy, on a creamy base of garlic and butter.  The big gobs of parsley leaves make it taste fresh, while at the same time the texture is perfect for winter comfort food.  Given that parsley root is pretty much unavailable at most grocers, I would totally do this again using parsnips.

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